Sunday, June 29, 2008

This week...

Oh I don't know which is worse!! Beating the living daylights of my body on the weekends or being sore all week long.
Monday: 6 mi. AM (2 mile PFT pace 13:51), 4 miles afterwards
Hill repeats 6.2 mi. PM, 8th St. Trailhead
Tuesday: 4.1 mi, +1 with the tire
Wednesday: 2 mi. (easy, needed a break!)
Thursday: 9.3 (3.1 AM, 6.2/ 8:00 mi. pace)
Friday: 2.5 mi. AM, 20 mi PM.
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 6.5 mi.
Sunday's run was very nasty. I haven't been doing very well with food at hot temperatures, so I downed an entire DiGornio before this run. It was 102 F outside, and my stomach was saying "pull over and let me make a pit stop!" I didn't give in. Take that nausea! It should be an interesting week coming up, with the Army Band going on tour. We are on our way up to Coeur D'Alene this wednesday. Funny how I mention the Army, because I am going back into the Marine Corps this October! GySgt Pezdek re-auditioned me, and I finally scored the 3.0 I have long been working for. On top of all this training , as well, I finished my 1st symphony "The Water Symphony," after 3 years of painstaking work! Trying to get a premier from the North Texas Wind Symphony for this wonderful work of art. Well, only 55 days until Cascade Crest 100. You're mine, belt buckle!

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Finishing the Hagg Lake 50K

Race to Robie Creek

Race to Robie Creek
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McDonald Forest 50K

McDonald Forest 50K
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